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The Core of the Serpens Cloud

"The Serpens Cloud Core glows in the constellation of Serpens, the “Serpent.” This infrared image combines data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope with shorter-wavelength observations from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), allowing a peek into the clouds dust clouds wrapped around this stellar nursery. This cloud core, lying about 750 light-years away, contains one of the youngest collections of stars ever seen in our galaxy. This collection contains stars of only relatively low to moderate mass, without any of the massive and incredibly bright stars found in larger star-forming regions like the Orion nebula. The inner Serpens Cloud Core appears remarkably detailed in this image, as researchers assembled it from 82 separate snapshots totaling an amazing 16.2 hours of Spitzer observing time."

Credit: NASA/Spitzer/Tom Chao via


things to start doing:

  1. drink more water
  2. carry a camera everywhere i go
  3. read more books than i already do
  4. go for walks
  5. do yoga more often
  6. go to bed earlier
  7. enjoy the little things
  8. go outside more
  9. stop comparing myself to others
  10. stick to my goals n stop putting things off
  11. write down my feelings
  12. smile more, especially at random people
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